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In no particular order… 2014

Lists are good, yeah? I did this last year so I’ll do it again and blow the dust off this sadly neglected blog – 10 albums that have pleased me with a track from each. Go!

Gruff Rhys – American Interior

Gruff went to America following the footsteps of the intrepid John Evans who 200 years earlier set off from Wales to search for a mythical Welsh speaking tribe of Native Americans. One album, book, film and app later…

East India Youth – Total Strife Forever

Are talented people getting younger or is it just me?

Metronomy – Love Letters

Love a bit of synth pop, me, and Metronomy are damn good at it.

Caribou – Our Love

I love Dan Snaith, I really do. Beautiful music and plaintive, almost fragile vocals. He can also make you shake your booty.

The Pale Blue Dots – Lots of Dots

Bunf from SFA gave us this EP/mini album. How can there be so much talent in one band?

Run the Jewels – Run the Jewels 2

The sophomore album from this pair of hip hop veterans who joined forces in 2013 – this is angry, political, loud, articulate and not for the faint hearted. A future classic?

Aphex Twin – Syro

He’s back.

Shit Robot – We Got a Love

Not an album of great depth, but groovy as fuck.

Busdriver – Perfect Hair

Driver’s been working hard at his craft for a long time now and it shows on this album – one of the best rappers of this century despite his records only selling in Anchorage, Alaska.

Milo – A Toothpaste suburb

A rapper I discovered as part of Nocando’s underground West Coast collective, Hellfyre Club (alongside Busdriver and Open Mike Eagle who both appear here) – Milo’s flow is laid back compared to Driver but no less lyrically dense.

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