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Some say…

… that social media is pants. They don’t want to know what people have had for dinner or see pictures of kids and animals.

And that’s fine.

I see it differently. With social media I get to stay in touch with far flung friends; make new friends; learn things; access new ways of thinking; get new music, films, books etc.; am challenged; am allowed to vent; write a little bit; see pics of kids and animals… animals are best but I have learned through friends’ offspring that kids can be pretty awesome as well.

Social media has also given me access to a support network. I have a great one in real life but sometimes I can’t handle real life. At those times I can handle the net cos it’s a ‘safe’ way for me to interact. And I know so many great people in cyberspace. There are my meatspace friends, of course, and I’ve met so many other wonderful folk who I’ve never seen (yet!) but count as proper friends. They have been there for me and others and I hope I have been there for them.

I sort of feel writing this at this time is a bit of a cliche, that we should always have goodwill in our hearts for others. I believe we do but as well as being subject to the hammering of festive niceness we also have an instinct to come together and celebrate life and each other when the nights are darkest and the wind is rattling the windows. We’ve been doing it for thousands of years, after all.

So, Merry Whatever This Is to one and all. Stay safe and be happy, you lovely buggers x

  1. December 25, 2014 at 10:09 am

    And a Merry Whatever This Is to you!

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