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Why I Hate #ChildrenInNeed and ‘charity’ in general

November 17, 2013 3 comments
Bourgeois paternalism begins at home, right there on your tellybox screens.
Please do not question the need for campaigns to help children in one of the largest economies in the world.
Please do not question tax avoiding pissweasel celebs and corporations setting an example for you to follow.
Please do not question the incongruity of Esther Rantzen who has admitted she knew of the culture of abuse at the BBC but did nothing about it appearing on a show to help children. Wogan, as well.
Please do not question the politicians who create the need laughing and smiling and proclaiming what a great job charity does.
Charity is a form of social control: It has mutated from showing goodwill/love towards humanity to being a state approved method of dismissing any responsibility to its people.
Charity is a form of social control pt 2: These are the approved charities, the good charities. All causes are deserving but some are more deserving than others.
Charity is a form of social control pt 3: We are made complicit in the bastardization of charity as we recognise the need and give. If not us, who?
Eton College is a charity, one of the hundred largest charities in the UK.
David Cameron at Eton

David Cameron at Eton


Dear @EstherMcVeyMP – stop spamming me

November 13, 2013 Leave a comment

I’ve never given my details to the Conservative Party or Esther McVey so why did this barrel of weak piss arrive in my inbox this morning?

Today’s employment figures are the latest piece of encouraging news for the British economy.

We’ve come a long way since 2010. Labour left Britain with the biggest budget deficit in our peacetime history – and during their last three years in power, the number of people in work fell by 256,000.

But thanks to the difficult decisions the Conservatives have taken, the economy is growing again. And today’s numbers prove it. Not only has employment increased by 177,000 in the last quarter, there are now 1.1 million more people in work than under Labour.

The figures on youth employment are especially encouraging. In the last three months, the number of young people in work increased by 50,000, while the number claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance fell by 13,000 – the 17th consecutive monthly fall.

There is still more work to be done. We need to stick to our long-term, sustainable plan to make sure the recovery benefits all hardworking people.

Help us finish the job by sharing this graphic on Twitter and Facebook today.

Esther McVey MP

I have previously contacted my MP, Tory Nick de Bois, about various political issues (a futile endeavour, I know) – has he been passing on his constituents’ details?

Ironic this happens on the day that McVey talked up her ‘campaign’ on scam mail, innit?

I wonder if McVey and her party want to talk about how many jobs are now part-time, zero hours or pay so little that the people they claim they have got into work still have to claim benefits just to survive? Full time posts in my organisation are being split into two part-time posts – this is the sort of doublespeak McVey and her mob claim as a success.

I object to misleading propaganda being sent to me. Stop it.

@David_Cameron’s Animal Farm

November 12, 2013 1 comment

“We’re tackling the deficit because we have to – not out of some ideological zeal. This is a government led by people with a practical desire to sort out this country’s problems, not by ideology.”

David Cameron 2010

Guess what? Philanthropist and amateur jockey David Cameron has made a startling discovery. He found some austerity down the back of his sofa and decided he liked it. Whereas he once thought it a necessary evil in order to strike at the demons of ‘that lot over there’, he now sees it as the panacea to all our ills.  What the world needs now isn’t love, sweet love, but “a leaner, more efficient state”, and he has the skewed stats and populist soundbites to prove it. This startling revelation about the need for more austerity was made at a lavish banquet in London’s Guildhall.


This was about “ideological zeal” from the beginning as I and many others have been saying for the last three years. The attacks on public services fit in perfectly with the neoliberal capitalist agenda of creating a ‘small state’ wherein the individual, in the Ayn Rand sense of the word, rules supreme, as long as they have the resources to do so…

But is this really the creation of a ‘leaner state’? Well, no. People still need all the services the state should provide but will increasingly have to rely on those services being provided by private companies such as Atos, G4S, Capita and Serco, all of whom have had ‘problems’ with fraud, delivering decent services, and paying the correct tax on their profits. The National Audit Office has estimated that half of the £187 bn spend on public services now goes to outsourcing companies – this means that half of the services provided to us are subject to profit and shareholders’ dividends. Looking at the NHS, two of the earliest ‘anicillaries’ to be outsourced were catering and cleaning which have become possibly the most criticized aspects of that organization. And why might this be? Outsourcing companies will make as ‘competitive’ a bid as they can in order to secure public funds and then cut services, wages and conditions to the bone in order to produce a profit. The same effect can also be seen where care services have been contracted out. In the meantime G4S and Serco stock has doubled while Capita’s value has increased by 140% as investors circle like vultures over assured government funding. Once a contract has been awarded the money is almost guaranteed as the litany of gaffs, goofs, failure to deliver and outright lies produced by outsourcing companies with little to no redress has proved. Oh, and ATOS and G4S paid no tax last year despite receiving billions from government.

Cameron talks about efficiency and yet his government wants to sell off the East Coast line rail franchise. This was renationalized in 2009 after National Express found they couldn’t make a profit despite the healthy government subsidies rail franchisees receive. Since then East Coast has become the best run inter city rail service in the UK, outperforming both Great Western and Virgin, and has returned almost £1bn to government coffers. Efficient, no? You wouldn’t think so from the way the service’s success has been downplayed by the government prior to sale, almost as if they were trying to hide something. The fact that Cameron wants to sell off the franchise gives the lie to his claims around ‘efficiency’.

There is not and never has been a need for austerity – it has been used as a smokescreen for the last thirty years of moving money from public to private hands and as a stick with which to beat public services and the people that use them. Attack hard, misinform and lead people to believe that services are failing and they’ll bend over as multinational corporations cherry pick the most profitable sectors to asset strip and plunder. It’s all one big lie.


“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”