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Demons #Woolwich #Terrorist #Islamophobia

I was on a bus once, the 73 from Victoria to Tottenham. A young Irish lad, fresh off the train from Gatwick and presumably enjoying his first trip to London, turned in his seat and asked the middle aged woman behind him if the bus was going to Stoke Newington. Her response:

“I don’t talk to terrorists”

The lad looked confused for a second and then visibly distressed – he didn’t respond or challenge the woman, just turned back round and stared ahead. A couple sitting behind the woman chided her for for her words and tried to reassure the lad that she didn’t represent English people. I held back, conscious that a 6’3″ brick shithouse having a pop at a woman he’s three times the size of could be ‘intimidating’. The couple were doing fine, staying calm and reasonable. Instead I leaned over to the lad and told him that the bus was going where he wanted and the name of a pub in the area I knew an Irish mate of mine would be playing at with his band that night. He thanked me but looked close to tears.

This didn’t happen in the 80s or 90s, it happened two years ago.

Demonization works, that’s why the state uses it. It must always be challenged.

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