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Cameron: “Workfare is working”

June 27, 2012 1 comment

David Cameron today insisted that the government’s scheme to provide “valuable work experience” is not the failure its opponents have claimed and used examples from his own party to illustrate his argument.

“Take someone like Grant Shapps – here’s a guy who had no clue about housing and so we have given him the chance to add a string to his bow and make him more attractive to potential employers. George Osborne couldn’t get any work with his useless degree in History so he was placed in charge of the treasury. He’s since come on leaps and bounds, and what accountancy firm wouldn’t be impressed by his constant conflation of one of the world’s leading economies with a household budget. George is, of course, being ably assisted by Chloe Smith who is putting her English degree to good use doing sterling work explaining the budget to the media. 

The Prime Minister was then asked if those mentioned had received any retraining.

We don’t believe that any retraining is needed – just look at Louise Mensch and how quickly she has adapted from writing vacuous bollocks to speaking it.

When it was pointed out to Mr Cameron that these people are in fact senior members of his government he said:

Of course they are! And it just goes to show that all you need is a shiny face, membership of the elite or some sort of undeserved celebrity and you can be given charge of things you completely misunderstand. Anyone who says otherwise is quite frankly feckless and a burden on those hard working families who are doing the right thing.”

Mr Cameron then said that he would be launching a spin off scheme aimed at the elderly starting with Jeffrey Archer.