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A letter to the editor #saveourNHS

So, what do we do now? The bastards have voted it through with the expected disregard for public and professional objections. Each and every MP and Peer who has aided the passage of this bullshit bill can now be seen as an enemy of the people.

I’ve written a letter. Sounds pathetic, I know. Will this help? I dunno, but the more we can do to continue to highlight the iniquity of the bill the better, right? We must not let this go, the pressure must not be let up. My letter has been sent to a local paper highlighting the part that my MP, Nick de Bois, played in this farce. With the mainstream media seemingly willing to let the privateers plunder without passing comment it is left to us to get the truth out there.

To find out how your MP voted tonight (20th March) click this link.

To find a local paper to write to click the relevant link below:


Eastern England


North East

North West

South East

South West

Finally, to see if your MP appears on the list of those with vested interests in the plunder of our NHS and to add those details to your letter click this link.

In my letter I pointed out…

* how the govt has ignored one and all
* how the Transitional Risk Register has been sidelined
* the £8m+ the Tories have received in donations from private healthcare companies
* Nick de Bois’ personal interests in private healthcare
* the detrimental effect of existing ‘outsourcing’ in the NHS (private cleaning companies/rise of MRSA)
* how privatision/’competition’ has affected other essential services, such as with the private monopoly of energy companies/fuel poverty.

This is not the end and more actions will follow – la luca continua!

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