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Playground bullies

You know you’re winning the argument when your opponent can only respond with insults. The campaigners against the forced academy-fication of Downhills school in Haringey have put forward strong arguments against what the government is trying to do and what was Michael Gove’s response? He called them “trots”.

And then we have Iain Duncan-Smith’s response to those railing against the all-but-in-name workfare programme (something favoured by Blairites let’s not forget) – the best IDS can come up with while the scheme flounders and major companies pull out is to cry “job snobs!”.

Finally there’s Cameron’s all important summit regarding the health bill where only those who agree with him (a distinct minority) are important enough to be invited – and when he visits hospitals staff are disciplined and journos locked up.

If you were playing football against this government and scored a goal they’d pick up the ball and stalk off claiming that it’s their ball and they’re not playing anymore cos it’s not fair. And you know what? It’s not even their ball.

Keep up the pressure, folks.

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