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The Liebster Blog Award

I’ve had a rotten weekend, truth be told – I was supposed to be seeing friends pretty much all day yesterday and taking it easy today with DVDs and a large bottle of Peroni. Instead I’ve spent the weekend in bed bereft of energy, fuzzy as a mad duck, and as achy as Miley Cyrus’ dad’s heart. Yes, some bugger gave me the lurgy. I shan’t go into other details.

However, I am also today the proud recipient of the above award from my good Twitter pal and all round lovely, @lucymgreenfield.

The Liebster is an award made among those of us with smaller blog followings in order to spread the word and a condition of its acceptance is that the recipient goes on to name five blogs with less than 200 followers they consider worthy of a higher readership. And this is what I am going to do now.

Firstly, it’s payback time for Lucy and her blog Blogs About Dogs (among other things) – word games, dogs, Land Rovers and life in rural Ireland from one of the nicest people you could virtually meet.

Next we have poetry in words and images from the delightful and creative @lucyfurleaps at her eponymous blog.

Always interesting and thought provoking on feminism, gender and politics, you must try @TheNatFantastic‘s blog at Forty Shades Of Grey.

Blogging on disability, politics, life and how they all affect him and others, @latentexistence is always honest, forthright and readable at A Latent Existence.

Finally, @ThomasPride’s blog claims to be ‘an irreverant look at politics’, which it is. It is also incisive and funny and can be found at Pride’s Purge.

These are in no particular order and I would also recommend other blogs but I can’t due to restraints of space and the criteria above – in fact I’m not entirely sure I’ve got it right as I don’t know where WordPress keep their stats except on my own blog so I’ve based it on number of tweets and the like.

And now I must away, there’s a Lemsip with my name on it – happy reading!

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