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I’m Leftacus!

It seems that…

despising racism makes you left wing

hating homophobia and transphobia makes you left wing

questioning how having a home has become monetized to such a ridiculous extent makes you left wing

opposing welfare cuts that will harm and in some cases kill makes you left wing

showing that inequality still exists within a patriarchal society makes you left wing

campaigning against religious intolerance makes you left wing

being angry that celebrity somehow confers immunity from criticism when lazy insults are aimed at groups in society makes you left wing

reading and learning about subjects in order to put forth (semi) coherent ideas makes you left wing

pointing out that it’s morally wrong (if not ‘legally’) for so much tax to be ‘avoided’ makes you left wing

constructing an argument that if that tax had been paid we wouldn’t be so fucked makes you left wing

stating that regardless of party colours the last 30 years have seen neoliberalism, corporations, the IMF, the WTO and the World Bank running our lives in accordance with the desires of the few and not the needs of the many makes you left wing

not just accepting such a state of affairs and getting on with things makes you left wing

to be Ryan Giggs or Gareth Bale makes you left wing… oh, wait, hang on…

Anyway, an editorial in The Guardian today accused ‘left wingers’ in the unions of damaging the negotiations over public sector pensions. Cameron and his cohorts regularly use the term as an insult, as does the majority of the media. It’s becoming the equivalent of being called a liberal in the US: a vague and reductive catch all term used to insinuate either a cloud cuckoo idealist at one end of the scale, a domestic terrorist at the other, and an extremist in general.

Am I left wing? Economically? Yes. Socially? It would seem so. But at the heart of my anger, campaigning and ‘radicalism’ is the simple desire to see people treated correctly. I just want to be a decent human being and get annoyed when I see actions that are not decent. I can’t help it. Stupid idealism!

My name is Andy and it seems I am a left winger, sometimes extremely so. It’s a cross I’m willing to bear.

La luca continua…

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