I’m as mad as hell…

… and I’m not gonna take it anymore!

Personally things are tough for me at the moment. Forced out of a job I love by lying and corrupt senior managers, my mental health made worse by the same token. Currently applying for jobs but feeling like there’s no point as it seems my life as was, the life I have worked so hard to keep on track despite severe bouts of depression, has been fucked into touch. I may have all the self esteem of a broken toaster, but I know that I am damn good at my job; I worked hard at it, was respected for it, and now it’s gone. Work is important to me, it’s part of my ongoing treatment as far as I’m concerned, and I’ve been denied it through the actions of despicable human beings.

Speaking of despicable people and taking a wider perspective, I sit and watch as this government tears the country apart. The latest insults are Oliver Letwin’s assertion that public sector workers should be scared and disciplined into keeping their jobs, and the decree from Westminster that ‘anarchists’ should be spied on and reported.

I would like Mr Letwin to work in the housing dept of an inner city local authority for a month. While there he will see that fear is already rampant among the workers: fear that their jobs will go in the latest round of cuts; fear that they will be outsourced to a French IT company or American financiers looking to serve shareholders and to hell with everyone else; fear of stagnant wages and increasing costs; and fear that their pensions will gradually melt away. As for discipline, just look at the new breed of senior managers in the public sector, all too ready to change work practices and make people do more for less, and even more ready to discipline when it all goes tits up due to their intransigence and lack of consultation with the people who actually do the work. Meanwhile, they’ll be massaging the stats and reports in order to makes themselves look good.

Moving on to ‘anarchists’, I would suggest that the definition supplied in the Griffin report linked to above is perhaps a tad reductive. Well, it was copied and pasted from Wikipedia, so, y’know. The gist of the report is that anyone who shows independence of thought and some sort of dissent against government dictat is now an anarchist. Well, fine, we’re all anarchists now. Fuck you, Westminster.

This Tory government (let’s face it, the Lib Dems are the equivalent of work experience placements), like all neo-liberal governments, wants to marketise us all. And if you can’t be markestised then you will be marginalised, demonised and shoved to the sidelines. The biggest example of this is the ideological attacks on the public sector, of which Letwin’s is merely the latest. There is little profit to be made out of providing public services that actually help people, but the government can’t say that, so instead they tell us that the workers are lazy and incompetent, and the service users are scroungers and cheats. Neither claim, of course, has any basis in fact, but when the mainstream media will simply parrot speeches and press releases without challenging them, who needs facts?

So, what do I do?

I keep trying. I feel like giving up but I won’t. I keep trying to get my life back on course after two years of hell; I keep trying to do the best that I can as a person to help those around me; and I keep trying to fight a government whose ideological attack on the people of this country will lead to very real pain, distress and, ultimately, the deaths of people shoved out into the margins in the name of capital and the markets.

We are bigger than them but we must stand together. Do not believe the lies put out by this government; do not believe that anyone who shows dissent is an ‘anarchist’ seeking to destroy society; do not believe that peaceful organisations such UK Uncut are thugs and vandals. Do believe that you and others like you can challenge the liars and cheats and defeat them.

We must all keep trying.

  1. Pete
    July 31, 2011 at 6:29 pm

    I can’t physically bring myself to listen to whatever drivel Letwin might be spouting these days but I do rather like the idea of making the spoilt little bastard work for a living.

  2. Foxy
    July 31, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    I have a dread fear of what this country is going to become. We will be a welfare state run by the private sector, and god forbid what that will mean. We will be worse off than the USA. The Tories used to bleat about the politics of envy when we humble beings complained about the unfairness of our society back in Mad Thatcher’s day, but now that their pensions and salaries are dwindling in the private sector because of private sector incompetence, they are now turning the tables on us and hacking at our hard-won pensions … bastards.

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